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Optimizing Your Small Business 'About Us' Page

Optimizing Your Small Business 'About Us' Page

One of the most powerful ways to increase the effectiveness of your small business website is by investing time and attention in creating your “about us” page

Study show a company’s about page is commonly one of the most visited pages within a business website, yet many small business owners treat this potentially valuable online real estate as an afterthought that they populate with basic or generic information about their company and what it offers.

Instead, you should seize the opportunity to highlight your company and its personality, as well as your products and services, with a personalized about us page.

A Powerful Introduction

Unlike a social media profile that offers a very limited space to introduce your company, your small business about page provides an important opportunity (and unlimited room) to introduce yourself to online visitors.

Because you choose what to say and how to say it, the about page is a great place to highlight the aspects that distinguish you from your competitors. An effective about page can convey a message and feeling about your business, while also highlighting other important content on your site to help guide visitors.

In addition, a well-rounded about page is also likely to help improve your site’s search engine performance by providing more information about your company as well as links to related external content such as media coverage highlighting your small business.

Some key points you want to cover:

  • How you serve customers, and how customers benefit from working with you. Talking about the problems you solve helps build trust with prospective customers and reinforces the idea your company values relationships over one-time transactions.
  • What distinguishes you from competitors?
  • How did your company get started? If, for instance, you’re a third-generation business with deep ties to the community, be sure to highlight that.
  • What motivates you and your team? Can you cite examples of team members who’ve gone above and beyond to serve customers?

You should also include links to recent blog posts, lists of popular products and other interesting content to make your page more informative. If your site is built using WordPress or another popular web hosting service, you can probably find plug-ins or similar tools to automatically import and display your company’s Twitter feed or other social media posts.

Customer Endorsements

Customer testimonials, whether written or in video, can be a powerful addition to any company’s about page. Hearing from other people how your business works with customers to solve problems offers a strong, relatable endorsement for prospects.

Photos and Video

Be sure to also include photos of your leaders and team members, and consider adding a welcome video introducing people to your site and company. These images will help personalize your company and the website visitor’s experience.

Effective videos can include introduction of key people, stories of how your company was founded, how-to clips, or product demos. Visitors will get to know the people behind your business, which helps establish a relationship as they contact you to learn more.

Contact Info

It’s also important to include your company’s contact info on your about page. You should also have a dedicated “Contact us” page on the site, but it’s helpful to include this important information directly on the about page so interested prospects can reach out right away.

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