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1. Mobile Best Way for Brands to Connect with Young Adults and Affluent After Purchase (04/26/2017)
Registria has released results from a new study which found that younger and more affluent consumers would prefer to connect with brands through their mobile device, over email and paper literature, immediately after purchasing a new product.

2. Microsoft CRM Rolling Out LinkedIn Upgrades (04/25/2017)
Since Microsoft’s $26 billion acquisition of LinkedIn three days after Christmas 2016, little has been heard from what would be Microsoft Dynamic’s bold upgrade to the CRM industry.

3. Instragram Expected to Boost Influencer Marketing Industry (04/24/2017)
With the decline of traditional TV and the growth of social media, influencer marketing has become one of the fastest growing advertising mediums. A recent study by Mediakix found that Instagram alone is expected to be a $1.

4. Shopify Merging eCommerce and Retail (04/21/2017)
“Retail is not the same. Shopify is enabling merchants to do everything, from anywhere.

5. Facebook’s F8 Conference (04/20/2017)
At this year’s Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference in San Jose California, the company announced their short and long term plans. The announcements ranged from updates to existing offerings in the short term and long term plans bordering on science fiction.

6. IBM Giving Artificial Intelligence To Marketers (04/19/2017)
IBM has announced new cognitive capabilities for IBM Watson Marketing Insights, IBM’s cloud-based marketing and customer analytics platform that uses the Watson’s artificial intelligence computer system to better examine and predict customer behavior..

7. Searches for Blogs on Google Getting Rich Update (04/18/2017)
Google has a new look for blog searches. Searches for blogs now return carousels and rich lists of popular blogs.

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