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  • Business Checking Services - If cash flow is the life blood of a small business then its business checking account is the main artery that ensures its survival and growth. Learn how choosing the right small business checking account can be critical to managing your cash for growth.
  • Business Credit Cards - A small business must be able to meet short-term financing needs during brief periods of uneven cash flow or spiking operational expenses. Learn how a business credit card can not only provide convenient access to credit to cover short-term expenses, but also enhance your business' cash flow management.
  • Business Financing - When a small business prepares to transition to its next phase of growth it usually requires additional capital for increasing operational expenses, equipment purchases, or facility expansion. Learn how your small business now has access to more financing options than ever before.
  • Business Lines of Credit - Growing businesses constantly face short-term cash flow challenges arising from unexpected operating expenses, inventory shortfalls, seasonal factors, and unforeseen acquisitions. Learn how a business line of credit can provide the most cost-effective means to address unavoidable, short-term capital needs.
  • Business Savings Options - You know you've reached a critical milestone when your excess cash flow begins to work for your business. Learn how the right business savings accounts can maximize earnings on cash flow to help you meet your short-term and long-term needs.
  • Employee Benefits - Attracting and retaining quality employees is essential if you wish to succeed and grow. Lear how First Interstate Bank can give you the tools to attract and retain your employees.
  • SBA Loans - Many small businesses aren't aware that the Small Business Administration (SBA) has created flexible financing programs designed to grant business loans on much more favorable terms than conventional financing. Learn how First Interstate Bank has partnered with the SBA to help your business gain access to a government-guaranteed loan that fits its needs.
  • Cash Management - In the beginning, a business survives on the vigorous management of its operations in order to generate a sustainable cash flow. At some point, however, its long-term survival becomes dependent on the effective cash management to sustain its operations and growth.
  • First Interstate Bank ACH Rules for Originators.
  • First Interstate Bank ACH Security Framework Guidance & Sample Checklist.
  • First Interstate Bank Automated Clearing House (ACH) Rules for ACH Originators.
  • First Interstate Bank Third Party Sender Obligations and Agreement.